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1) The first system ever to clean the gaps between the teeth where the toothbrush never reaches

2) 80% of caries, gingivitis, tartar and loose teeth start between the teeth

3) The Lyre-Jet® is more effective than a toothbrush: it removes 63% of bacteria-carrying plaque compared with the 37% removed by a toothbrush

4) Its unique efficiency is due to the exclusive triple action of a new type of dental floss + pulsating double jet + vibrations: the floss breaks down the plaque and bacteria while the jets provide high-pressure rinsing

5) No more caries or dentures. No more periodontal conditions like gingivitis or loosening of teeth. No more tartar. Gums are strengthened and sites of infection prevented.

6) Can be used daily by every member of the family from 4 years upwards. Effective on all teeth including teeth that have been treated or crowned as well as teeth that are close together or overlapping. The Lyre-Jet® and the toothbrush complement one another.

7) We recommend that you have your teeth scaled before using Lyre-Jet.

8) Sold at pharmacies and on the Internet.
Tel/Fax :00 32 2 361 63 32
23 avenue Turquoise
1640 Rhodes St Genèse

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